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For the last two years now, I have been putting up this book, understanding the zeal in people to learn how they could create a website on their own as a skill. It has been in my heart to answer the cry to this. \r\nMost persons think programming is difficult or something they can\'t learn,  or it\'s too late to learn how to build a website using programming languages.  \r\nBeing a software developer for 8 year\'s now and I have come up with these simple steps on how anyone can create a website in 3 days. I know you may be doubting, how possible is it to learn front end programming in 3 days and build a website within a day. \r\nI carefully took out my time to put together this steps and guides to get started with it in 3 days. \r\n\r\nThis slots is opened to 100 persons who are willing to gain knowledge to stay self employed and start a career on web development. \r\n\r\nSpecial Bonus\r\n1. Free 3 months mentorship ( I mentor people on website creation for 15,000 every month).\r\n2. Access to paid videos and ebooks for free.\r\n3. Free book on how to create a blog authored by me.\r\n4. How to get website jobs\r\n\r\nWhat you will learn\r\n1. Understanding how the web works.\r\n2. My simple steps on how to learn three Front end programming languages in 3 days ( html, Css and bootstrap).\r\n3. How to make your website responsive (that\'s to look great on every device. )\r\n3. You will learn how to setup your working environment on your laptop to get you started.\r\n4. You will learn how to purchase domain names.\r\n5. How to buy server\'s (Web hosting).\r\n6. How to secure your website using SSL. (That\'s https instead of http)\r\n5. How to create custom email address for a website e.g instead of\r\n\r\nContact: 09035829083


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